Weiss Advisory Services Ltd.
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Weiss Advisory Services Ltd. takes a proactive role in advising its clients in the business development and management consulting areas. Issues like:

"Can your business really run by itself ?"

"Does your company need a Part Time CFO to fill the void in financial leadership ?"

"Do you ever feel that your business is spinning out of financial control ?"
"Are you wearing too many hats ?"

"Do you have a system for every process in your organization and do you measure and manage those processes ?"

"Is your 2 year old computer system still not working ?"

"Has your company grown so extensively that it's time to take another look at your work flow ?"

are the kinds of problems that we address on a constant basis. Our expertise encompasses business re-engineering including the creation of policies, procedures and workflow as well as the review, assessment and redesign of internal control, accounting, operating and reporting processes.

We perform due diligence studies and company valuations for potential mergers/ acquisitions and we prepare financial feasibility reports, business plans as well as management succession plans.

In regards to information technology, our firm provides for in depth analysis of user MIS needs. We are involved with the evaluation and selection of computer software and hardware in addition to the design and implementation of in-house and packaged business application systems including financial, order entry, purchasing, inventory, bill of materials and MRP. Our staff is knowledgeable in the PC Network / Windows platform using a variety of programs including Microsoft Office, MAS, Great Plains, QuickBooks, and Quicken software products.

Our typical Management Consulting engagement involves a set of tasks including discussions with management, interviews with staff, study of financial records and reporting requirements, review of computer systems, extensive document analysis and research, as well as the examination of forms, operating procedures and policies. We will typically issue progress memorandums and an ultimate Findings Report.

In addition, our firm is heavily involved with tax advice, tax planning, and the minimization of potential tax liabilities. Our services are relied upon by clients facing difficult or unusual business transactions - such as major contract negotiations, mergers, or acquisitions - in which wrong or insufficient data can spell the difference between business success and catastrophic business failure.

Our services include:

¨ the review, assessment and redesign of internal control, accounting, operating and reporting processes,
¨ the creation of policies, procedures and work flows,
¨ business re-engineering,
¨ operational reviews,
¨ setting up budgeting procedures,
¨ creating systems for personnel administration,
¨ preparing and shepherding loan applications through banks, other financial institutions, and the SBA,
¨ instituting cost-reduction plans,
¨ negotiating mergers and and acquisitions,
¨ due diligence analyses,
¨ resolution of shareholder disputes,
¨ business plans,
¨ interim CEO / CFO to better solve cash flow problems, control costs and operations, and analyze revenues and expenses,
¨ recruiting financial personnel,
¨ preparing economic feasibility studies,
¨ examining and revising pricing policies,
¨ offering financial advice to management,
¨ organizational start-up of corporations involving establishing relationships with banks, attorneys, vendors, and unions,
¨ management succession plans, as well as
¨ conducting training in fiscal and personnel management