Weiss Advisory Services Ltd.
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Weiss Advisory acts as Management Advisor to clients that are seeking tax-exempt and/or taxable bond financing. These borrowers include manufacturing and industrial companies as well as non-profit organizations with federal 501(c)3 status.

Due to contemporary changes in regulations, religious and independent schools, yeshivas, charter schools, community centers, student dormitories, adult housing centers and other nonprofits are provided with financing options that were previously only available to other sectors of the education community.

Tax exempt bonds issued through the Industrial Development Agency (or other agencies) for non-profit  organizations with federal 501(c)(3) status are an excellent vehicle that can be used to finance construction, acquisition, renovation, and equipping of facilities as well as to contemporaneously re-finance existing mortgage debt.

Although the bonds are not an obligation of the State or its agencies, borrowers obtain lower interest rates because purchasers of triple tax-exempt bonds are entitled to exemptions from federal, state and local income taxes on interest payments received.

Bond amounts can range from $5 million to $50 million, and higher. Compared with conventional loans, advantages of triple tax-exempt bonds can include reduced interest rates, longer financing terms and lower equity contributions. In New York, borrowers can also benefit from the mortgage recording tax waiver (which is 2.8% in New York City).
We make things happen! We will take you through the entire process and we get proven results!

We will work actively with your organization to gather the background information, prepare the applications, meet with representatives of appropriate agencies, participate in presentations at hearings, assist with the Tax Questionnaires, prepare the written 300 - 400 page report to be presented to potential lenders / investors and structure the proposed financing.

The transaction can close in 120 – 150 days.